AIRPackager is a software for packaging Adobe AIR application to windows exe file. Being different from the Adobe adt, AIRPackager applies a new solution, witch makes the packaging much easier and safer.

AIR Packager

Functions Introduction:

  • Package AIR application with Adobe AIR runtime to window exe file
  • This feature can let the AIR application run without installing Adobe AIR runtime. We optimized the Adobe adt , make the packaged exe file smaller. The optimization alse causes some bugs in AIR application. But we will try our best to fix.

  • Package AIR application without Adobe AIR runtime but specify the download url of runtime
  • This feature makes the exe file very very small. You can specify a download url of Adobe AIR runtime, witch applies better download speeds. This will help improve the user installation experience.

  • Encrypt AIR application
  • This feature can encrypt the main swf file of AIR application. Not the same to DoSWF, AIRPackager is better at protecting from memory searching. This function is for commercial user.

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