DoAIR, Encrypt and Optimize .air, .apk file

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DoAIR is a plugin for DoSWF and FlashOptimizer. It applies a easy way to encrypt and optimize Adobe AIR application and Android apk application witch developed by ActionScript3.0.

encrypt and optimize adobe air and apk file

DoAIR is just a plugin tool for DoSWF and FlashOptimizer. Itself hasn’t the Encrypt and Optimize features. Before using DoAIR, please read the following items:

  • To encrypt .air or .apk file, please install DoSWF 5.2.6 or later version firstly
  • To optimize .air or .apk file, please install FlashOptimizer 2.3.0 or later version firstly
  • DoAIR run DoSWF or FlashOptimizer through command line interface. So, please make sure the software witch DoAIR want to run has authorized by commercial license
  • Make sure you has installed Java


Windows Mactonish

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