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DoSWF Professional not only encrypt ActionScript code(1.0, 2.0 and 3.0) in Flash SWF, but also the assets, such as graphics, animation, audios and so on. Here is the snapshot of Encryption panel:
snapshot of encryption

  • Strict Mode – If checked, DoSWF Professional will analyse the document class to make the encryption more safely.
  • Protect From Memory Searching – If checked, DoSWF Professional will add a special modules to your swf for defenting memory searching. If your SWF is based on Actionscript1.0 or 2.0, we recommend to select that.
  • Add Loading Bar – After encryption, the loading of your Flash SWF will not show. So, if you need, you can check the function. It will add a default loading UI to your Flash SWF.
  • If your Flash SWF is Flex application. The Strict Mode, Protect From Memory Searching and Add Loading Bar are unavailable.

Here is the encryption result:
encrypted by doswf professional


DoSWF Professional can obfuscate ActionScript 3.0 code. In DoSWF Professional, there is a special system to analyse ActionScript. With that, the obfuscation is very precise and reliable. Here it the Obfuscation panel:
obfuscate actionsctip
In Obfuscation panel, the code structure is shown, includes packages, classes, methods and properties. Here, you can check any data you want to obfuscate.
If you want to keep some data do not be obfucated, you can uncheck the data. For instance, if you want the class “StringUtils” do not be obfuscated, you can find the “StringUtils” class data and uncheck it.

  • Strict Mode – If checked, DoSWF Professional will use a more strict system to analyse the ActionScript code, and the obfuscation is more reliable. However, the shallower depth of obfuscation.
  • Exclude Items – If you want some strings do not be obfuscated, you can list them as following:

Here is the obfucation result:
obfuscation of doswf

Add Watermark on Flash SWF

With DoSWF Professional, you can easily add text and image watermark on your Flash SWF. Here it the Watermark panel:
add watermark by doswf

Watermark can help you declare and protect your copyright. For instance, you can add a copyright information on your Flash works as watermark:

Copyright By DoSWF
  • You can set the location of the watermark. There are five locations:Right-top, Right-bottom, Left-top, Left-bottom and Center
  • Simple HTML is support in text watermark. For example:
  • <font color=’#ff9900′ size=’14’>Copyright by DoSWF</font>
  • If you want add url link in your text watermark, you please use the link property, as following:
  • <font color=’#ff9900′ size=’14’ link=’event:’>Copyright by DoSWF</font>

More Features

In the DoMore panel of DoSWF Professional, there are more  features listed. Here it is:
more features in doswf

Features width yellow label are commercial functions. More information about Personal license and Commercial license, please go here.

Lock Domain

lock domain of doswf

  • Prohibit AIR Running – If you don’t want your Flash SWF be load by Adobe AIR application, please check this.
  • Prohibit Local Running – If you don’t want your Flash SWF be run in local(not in browser), please check this.
  • Lock Domain – If you want let your Flash SWF just can be run in some pointed domains, you can check it and enter the domains. For instance, if you want your Flash SWF just can run in “” and “”, you can set as following:
    lock domain of doswf

Remove Method Parameters

This feature can remove the parameters name of methods, result like:
delete method parameters of doswf

Obfuscate Instructions

As you know, in Flash SWF, the logical of method is composed by kinds of instruction. If this feature checked, DoSWF Professional will do obfuscation to those instructions for protecting ActionScript code. Here is a method be obfuscated instructions:
obfuscate instructions of doswf

Same Methods

This feature will make serval methods to be a same method name. Here is a sample used this function:
same method of doswf

Same Classes

This feature will make serval classes to be a same class name. For instance, class A and B, by using this function, they will both be C. But the program still works well. As following:
same classes of doswf

Lock SWF

Sometimes, the SWF crackers like to modify your Flash SWF, not decompile. For example, they remove your company logo, change the author information, or change some parameters of game. With this feature, you can prevent your Flash SWF been modified. It is very useful for protecting game.


You can buy a license on our online shop: After purchase, our online shop system will send a email with license information to you.

Use Key

To use your key, please swich to Register panel, and lick the “Register” button as following image shows:
regiter in doswf
If the license is verified, the username will be shown at the bottom of this panel:
key information in doswf

Remove Key

If you want to use another license or just remove the authorization information in a computer, you can remove your license. Just click the “Remove Key” button in Register panel, as following image shows:
remove key in doswf

Reset Key

If your license is personal license, you can use it in just one computer. But if you reinstalled your OS or want to use your license on another computer, you should reset your key, let the license rebinds a computer.
Once you reset your key, it will unavailable in 8 hours

Retrieve Key

If you forget your key, please use this function. Just click the “Retrieve Key” button in Register panel as following image shows:
retrieve key in doswf
You should enter your username(a email address) to retrieve your key:
retrieve key fo doswf
After that, our system will send a email to you with the license information.

Command Line Interface

Command line interface just for commercial license. The details as following:

Command Parameters Detail
-files file1 file2 … Point the file list you want to operate.
-files d:myfilesA.swf d:myfilesB.swf
-input directoryPath Point a directory. Operate the all swf files in that directory.
-input d:myfiles
-encrypt   Encrypt file, without any parameters.
-obfuscate strictMode(false|true) specialItems Obufuscate file.
-obfuscate true getName,getAge
-watermark content, location(RT|RB|LT|LB|C) Add text watermark on file.
-watermark “copyright by” LB
-lockdomain domain1,domain2,domain3 Lock domain to file. “_local_” value will prohibit local running.
-lockdomain _local_,,
-obfinstruction   Obfuscate instruction
-sameMethod   Use “Same Method” function
-sameClass   Use “Same Class” function
-output directoryPath Point the directory you want to save the files.

Here is some examples for you:

  • To encrypt a file:

    -files d:myfilesA.swf -encrypt -output d:done
  • To encrypt and obfuscate A.swf and B.swf files:

    -files d:myfilesA.swf d:myfilesB.swf -encrypt -obfuscate true -output d:done
  • To obfuscate A.swf and B.swf files, and do not obfuscate class “com.doswf.A” and method “getName”:

    -files d:myfilesA.swf d:myfilesB.swf -obfuscate true com.doswf.A,getName -output d:done
  • To encrypt and obfuscate the all swf file in directory d:myfiles:

    -input d:myfiles -encrypt -obfuscate true -output d:done
  • To encrypt and add watermark to A.swf:

    -files d:myfilesA.swf -encrypt -watermark “copyright by” RT -output d:done
  • To encrypt and add watermark to A.swf, and set watermark text color and size:

    -files d:myfilesA.swf -encrypt -watermark “< font color=’#ff9900′ size=’20’> copyright by< /font> ” RT -output d:done
  • To encrypt and add watermark to A.swf, and let the watermark link to

    -files d:myfilesA.swf -encrypt -watermark “copyright by < a href=’event:’> < u>< /u> < /a> ” RT -output d:done

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