DoSWF is a professional Flash SWF & SWC encryptor. DoSWF can encypt the actionscript code, sprites, images, sounds and so no. It can help to defend current all Flash decompilers, make your Flash more secure! The key functions of DoSWF as following:

  • Encrypt Adobe AIR & APK Files
  • Encrypt Adobe Flash SWF & SWC Files
  • Obfuscate Actionscript Code
  • Domain Lock and SWF File Lock
  • Same Methods
  • Delete Data Type
  • Add Watermark

doswf mini version DoSWF MINI is the mini version of DoSWF Professional. DoSWF MINI just includes the basic encryption and obfuscation features.

Download: Windows Mactonish    BuyNow($14.99/Year)

Functions Comparision:

  DoSWF MINI DoSWF Pro DoSWF Pro Commercial      FPE        FPE Commercial  
Add Watermark      
Lock Domain      
Instruction Obfuscate  
Lock SWF        
Same Methods      
Project Support      

Personal & Commercial License:

DoSWF Professional has two kinds of licenses: Personal and Commercial. Personal license can only used on just one computer and personal non-commercial works, while Commercial license can:

  • Can operate more complex applications(More than 600 classes)
  • Has the right to encrypt and obfuscate commercial works.
  • Can used on multiple computers.
  • Has more powerful features like “Same Methods”, “Same Class Name”, “Lock SWF File”, command line interface and so on.
  • Has more professional technical and software customization support.

You can buy personal or commercial licence at Online Shop. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

More Information Of DoSWF:

flash swf encrypt detail information for users