What are the differences between DoSWF professional and DoSWF MINI?

DoSWF has two editions, DoSWF MINI and DoSWF Professional. DoSWF MINI just has the basic encryption and confusion, while DoSWF Professional has more powerful functions, including “Add Watermark”, “Lock Domain”, “Same Method”, “Same Class”, “Lock SWF”, and so on.

What are the difference between personal licence and commercial licence?

DoSWF Professional and FPE(Flash Project Encryptor) has two kinds of licenses: Personal and Commercial. Perconal license can only used on just on computer and only operate person non-commercial works, while Commercial license :

  • Can operate more complex applications
  • Can used on multiple computers
  • Has the right to encrypt and obfuscate commercial works
  • Has more powerful features like Command Line, “Same Method”, “Same Class”, “Lock SWF”
  • Has more professional technical and software customization support

How to purchase a license?

You can purchase a license in our online shop.

Can I require a refund if I find the software has no use for me?

Yes, you can require a refund from use within there days since you order our products. If you want to do that, please contact us, and give your order and payment information.

Do I have to pay for the upgrades?

No. It is free for upgrades.

Do I have to pay for every year?

Some softwares need you to renew the license annually. Including DoSWF, Flash Proejct Encryptor, SWCEncrypt and FlashOptimizer

How to update personal license to commercial license?

Firstly, go to our online shop and purchase the commercial license. Secondly, send us an email, we will refund the fee of personal license to you in three working days.

How to renew my license?

Please go to our Key Manage System to renew your license

Can the products run in Macintosh and Linux?

Yes, you should install Adobe AIR first. Then download and install the air version of our products.

What should I do if my license is unavailable?

If your license is personal, it can only be used on one computer. So if your license is unavailable, please go to our Key Manage System to reset your license. After reset, your license will be locked in 8 hours, and then it available again.

What should I do if I lost my license?

If you lost you license, please go to our Key Manage System to retrieve your license. You should select the sofeware and enter your username(email address), our system will send the license information to you as a email.
Make sure your mailbox can receive email from support@doswf.com

How do I get a technical support?

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