FlashOptimizer, Optimize SWF & SWC File

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FlashOptimizer is a tool to optimize Adobe Flash SWF file. FlashOptimizer has a simple AVM2(Actionscript Virtual Machine 2), witch will run the instructions, and than optimize the Actionscript Byte Code data. The key features as following:

  • Constant value optimization.
  • Methods and properties searching optimization.
  • Methods call optimization.
  • Remove debug instructions
  • Remove redundant instructions
  • Delete class, method or property(Pickout Panel)
FlashOptimizer only support Flash SWF based on Actionscript3.0


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Commercial License:

FlashOptimizer has two kinds of licenses: Personal and Commercial. Perconal license can only used on just on computer and only operate person non-commercial works, while Commercial license:

  • Can operate more complex applications
  • Has the right to encrypt and obfuscate commercial works.
  • Can used on multiple computers.
  • Has more professional technical and software customization support.

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