FPE(Flash Project Encryptor) is for encrypting and protecting Flash project, witch contains multiple swf files. FPE can analyse the whole project, the relationships between swfs, config files and so on, and then do encrypt and obfuscate.

More Information:

Onine Version

Command Line Access

To use the command line interface of FPE, please make sure that your FPE is the latest version and the license you used is commercial license.

Command Parameters Detail
-files file1 file2 … Point the file list you want to operate.
-files d:myfilesA.swf d:myfilesB.swf
-input directoryPath Point a directory. Operate the all swf files in that directory.
-input d:myfiles
-strict false|true Whether to use strict mode. In strict mode, the anaylsis will be more accurate.
-strict true
-debug false|true Whether to use debug mode.
-mainFile file Specify the main file in your project.
-obfuscate [special items] Obfuscate Actionscript.
-obfuscate getName,getURL,A,B
-obfinstruction   Obfuscate instruction
-encryptMainSWF   Encrypt the main swf of project.
-encryptMainSWF mainLoader.swf
-samemethod   Use “Same Method” function
-sameclass   Use “Same Class” function
-output directoryPath Point the directory you want to save the files.

Here is some examples for you:

  • To obfuscate a project has serval files:

    -files d:myfilesA.swf d:myfilesB.swf -obfuscate -output d:done
  • To obfuscate a project and encrypt main file:

    -files d:myfilesA.swf d:myfilesB.swf -mainFile B.swf -obfuscate -encryptMainSWF -output d:done
  • To obfuscate a project, and do not obfuscate class “com.doswf.A” and method “getName”:

    -files d:myproject -obfuscate com.doswf.A,getName -output d:done
  • To obfucate a project and use debug mode:

    -input d:myproject -obfuscate -debug true -output d:done

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