Encrypt & Optimize Adobe .air and .apk File DoAIR is a plugin for DoSWF and FlashOptimizer. It applies a easy way to encrypt and optimize Adobe AIR application and Android apk application witch developed by ActionScript3.0.
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flash optimizer FlashOptimizer is a optimize tool for Adobe SWF file. FlashOptimizer will analyse the ABC(ActionScript Byte Code) data in SWF(Based on ActionScript3.0), and optimize the method insturction and ABC structure.
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flash tracer Flash Tracer is a debugging tool for Flash platform(just Actionscript3.0), including Flash, Flex, Adobe AIR and Mobile applications. Flash Tracer can debug the local and remote applications. The main functions of Flash Tracer include UI Inspect, Property Manage, Local and Remote Trace Log and Actionscript Eval.
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Photo Commenter PhotoCommenter is a software for adding comments to your photos or images. Rich comment templates are builded-in. With it, you can add infomation, graphics on photos very easily.
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AnyToSWF is very useful tool for flash and flex developers. With it, developers can create lib file very earily.The key features as following:

  • Package any file to Adobe SWF and SWC file
  • Specify the class name for a file packaged
  • Command line interface for developers
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any to swf

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