FlashTracer, Debugging Tool For Flash Platform

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Flash Tracer is a debugging tool for Flash platform(Just Actionscript3.0), including Flash, Flex, Adobe AIR and Mobile applications. Flash Tracer can debug the local and remote applications. The main functions of Flash Tracer include UI Inspect, Property Manage, Local and Remote Trace Log and Actionscript Eval.

Flash Tracer connects to your application(local and remote) with a socket connection. As a result, you might have to disable anti-virus software to use it if your antivirus software prevents socket communication.

Flash Tracer Snapshot

How to debug local applications

1.Make sure you had installed the debug version of FlashPlayer. You can download here, or detect here.
2. Start Flash Tracer to waiting for connections.
3. Run you application. If your application is running in browser, you should close the browser and restart it.

You can explicitly include debugging information in an application by setting the debug compiler option to true. If you export an application by using the Export Release Build option, the application does not contain debugging information in it and can not be debugged.

How to debug Adobe AIR and Mobile applications

1. Initialize Flash Tracer in your application as following:


You can download the SWC library here.
2. Start Flash Tracer to waiting for connections, and get the IP address of Flash Tracer:
get ip of Flash Tracer
3. Start your application, click the tip text in top-right (if not show, it means your application has connected to Flash Tracer). Input the IP address shown in Flash Tracer.
input ip to connect to Flash Tracer

Local and remote trace

Flash Tracer can show local and remote trace log, as following:
trace log of Flash Tracer
If your application is local Flash application, and you has install the FlashPlayer debug version, just us the trace() method. If your application is remote, Adobe AIR or Mobile application, you can use the the method as following:

FlashTracerModel.trace(“Here is the log…”);

You can download the SWC library here.

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